Italian Restaurants in Liverpool You Need To Visit

While in the city you can find various Italian restaurants and enjoy amazing meals. Whether you love pasta, pizza, tapas or gelato, the following are the greatest Liverpool’s Italian restaurants.

Carluccio’s (Met Quarter)

At Carluccio’s restaurant you can eat some of the best authentic Italian food in town at very reasonable prices. When you walk inside this place, you can smell the freshest ingredients that the stuff uses for the best dishes of pasta, pizza and tacos. It also serves breakfast, such as the Magnifica Breakfast, where you can choose from a vast variety of food, like sausages, mushrooms, smoky pancettas or fresh Italian bread.

Olive Restaurant & Bar (Castle Street)

Located in the heart of Liverpool, Olive restaurant represent the ideal destination for you, especially if you would like to take a delicious lunch. The chefs of this palce use the freshest ingredients, in order to create your popular favourites, as well as a number of exciting innovative dishes that you can discover. For example, you can choose authentic dishes from the char grill and brick fired over, which the finest handmade pastadn and stonebaked pizzas are very popular too. The service is quick and the waiters are very friendly.italian-restaurants-liverpool

One Melling Road (Melling Road)

In this restaurant you can taste fresh dough pizza, the best home-made pasta-sauces, as well as a fine selection of traditional Italian food. You can also order some of the best wines or you can spent your afternoon her for some tea time meal or you can choose your drink for the night. The service is quick and you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and taste the delicious food.

Little Italy (Smithdown Road)

If you want to visit one of the high quality italian restaurants in Liverpool, then you should definitely check in at ‘the Little Italy’. The restaurant specialises in small authentic dishes, that are made by imported cured cheeses and meats. You can taste different kind of pizzas and pastas, as well as some great salads, like the pigeon salad. The place is full of life and music, with a nice decor and excellent service.

L’Olivetto (Rose Lane)

Situated just outside the city centre, on South Liverpool, L’Olivetto serves both Italian tapas and some traditional dishes. Here you can choose real Italian style dishes, that are skilfully prepared by the chefs with the best Italian ingredients. If you wish you can taste some great deserts, like Tiramisu and raspberry panna cotta. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, where you can relax with your family, and taste some delicious dishes in the best prices.


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